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Social drinking is extremely common in society, but for some Christians, the invitation to go for a drink can be uncomfortable. Many Christians believe that drinking alcohol is a sin and should be avoided entirely. Others believe that it is a matter of exercising moderation as with other things like food and entertainment. If you find yourself awkwardly positioned because a colleague, client, or even your pastor invites you to go for a drink, how should you respond?

The fundamental mission of the Christian Church is to be a mission. It is to witness the love of God to the world and in so doing, invite people into an encounter with him and a thrilling romance of reconciliation and redemption.There are many ways to embrace a missional disposition, but for many of us living our lives in society, the best way to accomplish this is by what I’ve heard described as question based evangelism. It is an approach by which we learn to grow in deep intimacy with God so that, by his grace, we will be filled with the kind of joy and peace that aren’t easily overlooked by people living in the orbit of your life. They could be family members, co-workers/colleagues, friends, or just people you see on the bus every morning.

Whether we like it or not, Christians are held to a high standard of behaviour. It’s imposed on us from a variety of sources - like those who are highly critical of Christianity, fallen away Christians, and by the moral standard that Christ himself outlines in his teachings. How you behave publicly says a lot about the things that are important to you and if people happen to know that you’re a Christian, then it’s going to reflect on your faith too.

A controversy has erupted in Canada after a Conservative MP gave a speech at a church in her riding in which she implied that Jesus would support her party’s anti-terrorism bill, C-51, and their tough stance on crime. Twitter exploded with ridicule and a trending hashtag: #cpcjesus.

As a person of faith, I rely a lot on the hand of providence to bring meaning to my life. All the platitudes about how everything happens for a reason come to mind. It’s more than a superficial adage though. If you believe there is a good and benevolent spirit who created all that there is and has taken a specific interest in your life’s outcome as demonstrated by the life, ministry, death, and resurrection of Jesus, then you start to look at the world and the experiences of your life in a different way. When I come up against challenges, trials, and even suffering, I tend to interpret those events through the framework of faith in such a God. If things are happening that I wouldn’t have asked for, maybe there’s something more important going on than the limited scope that my perspective can offer.